Hosting and Design all in one.

We offer services such as domain registration, web hosting, web designing and SEO.
Our rates are reasonable and excellent value for money. We aim to provide exceptional service and meet requirements within deadlines.


of having
your own website

  • Cost Effective
  • Business Credibility
  • Around-The-Clock
  • Availability Customer
  • Convenience Business
  • Exposure Increased Sales

In an ever-evolving world your business needs an online presence. A website is an accessible platform as the backbone.
Give your clients information at the click of a button.

Services we offer

Truly the complete package.

  • Invoice & Quoting 
  • CRM – Client Relations Management
  • HRM – Human Resources Management
  • Booking – Appointment 
  • Realty rental & selling
  • Vehicle showroom
  • Portfolios 
  • File management
  • Project management  

Web Software

online web based applications

  • Web Master

  • Website Design
  • SEO Manager
  • Domain Renewal
  • Domain Registration 
  • Site Security Lock (ssl)
  • Website Backup Service

Web Service

hire a professional

  • Logo design

  • Brand Identity

  • Social banners

  • Digital invites

  • Brochures

  • Stationary design

  • Product Packaging design

  • Attire branding

  • Promotional Displays

  • Digital Illustrations

  • Sketches

Graphic Design

  • SSD Raid 10 Storage

  • eMail Accounts

  • LiteSpeed Web Server

  • Free & Auto SSL

  • LiteSPeed WordPress Cache

  • Cloudflare w/Railgun


high speed cloud hosting

  • Url Submission
  • Google Analytic
  • Google Organic Search results
  • Website Readability


Search Engine Optimisation 

  • Product Photography
  • Studio setting
  • Location setting
  • Site Photography


Professional Photographs 

our happy


Let real websites do the talking.

Chop a Log Saw Mill

Local timber company hosting their website with us.

Lobocon Graphic Designer 

Freelancing graphic designer trusting us with their online portfolio and e-commerce site.

A1 Gate Motor Gate & Garage Motor Services

Business offering services, online booking system and e-commerce shop, all hosted by us.

Izak Loubser Portfolio Website

Craftsman website featuring 3D Design & Printing and various Wood & Steel projects.

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